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Include new test frameworks into gating



    • Integrate new frameworks in integration process


      ONAP deals with lots of test framework to validate ONAP and tests VNFs onboarded with ONAP.

      Integration tests rely mainly on 2 test frameworks:

      • robot (testsuite) developped for ONAP covering a large scope of use cases (from component healthcheck to E2E tests (vFW, vCPE, vLB, vBNG, ..)
      • xtesting/python onap_client used for the End to End gating

      Other test frameworks have been developped

      • VTP (mkr1481) used for OVP based on ONAP CLI
      • OTP (Kevin Wan) - no code so far but pre kick off done end of September 2019)

      VTP and OTP frameworks are currently not used in integration.

      It could be make sense to integrate them in CI gating chains

      The integration in CI chains can be done easily by embedding tests provided by the framework into xtesting framework (https://xtesting.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) developped in OPNFV (ollivier) and used to launch healthcheck robot and python tests.

      If the tests are already available, integration should be relatively quick (declaration of the cases and the entry points in 2 yaml files).

      if integrated these tests could be declared in the DB:http://testresults.opnfv.org/onap/api/v1/projects/functest/cases

      and integrated in the gating pipelines: https://gitlab.com/Orange-OpenSource/lfn/onap/xtesting-onap/pipelines

      VTP is mature and could be candidate for Frankfurt, OTP probably for next version.


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