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POMBA: SDNC Context Builder & API Mapping Support


    • POMBA: SDNC Context Builder & API Mapping Support


      General Description

      For some customers it may be necessary to map services being audited to one or more specific SDNC APIs within the SDNC Context Builder.  This feature allows information about the service as retrieved from AAI to be used to map the SDNC Context build against a specific set of APIs.  This will not be necessary for all customers nor for all services and therefore will need to be configurable.  It is not anticipated that this mapping would change frequently.  Default should be the Generic API however where mapping is provided in the configuration it should override this default mapping.


      Acceptance Criteria

      • A mapping configuration can be provided in a defined format and can be used by SDNC Context Builder
      • SDNC Context Builder calls the mapped API’s associated with the service as per the configured mapping
      • Where no mapping is configured, the Generic API is called
      • Regardless of the API’s called, the retrieved data is mapped to the Common Model in the context builder prior to being returned to Context Aggregator
      • Failures are logged appropriately and flow continues
      • Mapping loads at startup



      Provides a capability for the SDNC API used by SDNC Context Builder to be mapped to specific services if required by an end customer.


      Common assumptions

      Logging as per ONAP Casablanca standards

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