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POMBA: Logging and Manageability Enhancements


    • POMBA: Logging and Manageability Enhancements

      General Description

      Logging standards have changed continually from Amsterdam through Beijing to Casablanca.  The purpose of this set of stories is to update logging for any previously existing code to reflect the latest logging standards for Casablanca.


      In addition, I want transaction id and other common fields to pass throughout the entire POMBA audit transaction to enable better tracing.


       Acceptance Criteria

      • Logging within POMBA components is as per finalized Casablanca Logging guidelines



      Provides end to end logging continuity for the purpose of understanding why and where a process fails.  Adhering to standards ensures that the rules can be ingested and parsed correctly within the Logging reporting stack.


      Common assumptions

      Logging as per ONAP Casablanca standards

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