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Network Discovery Context Builder should mitigate total audit failure due to OpenStack connection issues suffered by Network Discovery


      If Network Discovery fails to provide Network Discovery Context Builder with details regarding service components – in this case due to OpenStack API connection problems – the builder will error out, resulting in the ongoing audit action to be aborted.

      In order to alleviate this problem in certain deployments, the Context Builder should, instead, provide an "empty" and un-errored response to the context Aggregator so that the audit can proceed, albeit without data from Network Discovery Context Builder.


      Network Discovery log:

      2018-12-03T19:31:34.903Z        discovery-worker-1      INFO    AAIRESTClient           AC0004I|AC0004I request at url = resulted in http response: 500 Internal Server Error|
      2018-12-03T19:31:34.903Z        discovery-worker-1      INFO    org.onap.sdnc.apps.pomba.networkdiscovery.service.rs.RestService                request at url = resulted in http response: null
      2018-12-03T19:31:34.904Z        discovery-worker-1      ERROR   org.onap.sdnc.apps.pomba.networkdiscovery.service.rs.RestService                Failure in resource task       java.lang.NullPointerException: null\n\tat org.onap.sdnc.apps.pomba.networkdiscovery.service.OSAuthentication.getToken(OSAuthentication.java:67) 
      2018-12-03T19:31:34.907Z        discovery-worker-1      INFO    org.onap.sdnc.apps.pomba.networkdiscovery.service.rs.RestService                Posting notfication to url = http://au4txvcaaas46.auk4.aic.cip.att.com:9533/ndcontextbuilder/service/networkDiscoveryNotification , payload: {"requestId":"2309039=x___2","code":500,"message":null,"ackFinalIndicator":true,"resources":null}


      Context Aggregator log:

      2018-12-03 19:31:34,955|||pool-2-thread-1||||INFO||||||| AC0004I|AC0004I request at url = http://au4txvcaaas46.auk4.aic.cip.att.com:9533/ndcontextbuilder/service/context?serviceInstanceId=96f4040e-fa31-4dba-88f7-5fe61af5700c&modelVersionId=d6a6e699-1da3-4a72-871d-0f85a1c3a32a&modelInvariantId=b399ddef-4d8c-48c4-88c5-d4cb0f8b4678 resulted in http response: 500 Internal Server Error|
      2018-12-03 19:31:34,956|||pool-2-thread-1||||ERROR||||||| Failed to retrieve model data for networkdiscovery, reason: {"timestamp":"2018-12-03T19:31:34.939+0000","status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"Internal Server Error","path":"/ndcontextbuilder/service/context"}2018-12-03 19:31:34,956|||pool-2-thread-1||||INFO||||||| Error returned from one of the Context builders, no event will be published.


      Note: A complete error-handling solution is planned for LOG-555. This bug may be addressed with a more temporary solution with an eye to not creating throw-away code.


      Basically, I think we should be able to just send a dataQualty of 'error' for the builder as a whole. Not sure of the current Context Aggregator or Validation Service behaviour when this is returned by a builder.


          "dataQuality": {
            "status": "error",
            "errorText": "blah blah"


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