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POMBA Model and Mapping Inconsistencies: PNF


      POMBA Common Model and Model Mapping are documented in the following WiKi



      The model information presented at these locations need to be fully aligned and reflect the intended implementation.

      Specifically for PNF resource:

      • attribute naming style needs to be in sync with the Common Model page and needs to be changed from hyphenated style to camel style
      • Misalignment of number of attribute names and style of attribute names
        • Yellow model: model-version-id               should be renamed modelVersionID
        • Yellow model: model-invariant-uuid               should be renamed modelInvariantUUID
        • Yellow model: attr:nf-role               should be renamed nfRole
        • Yellow model: attr:equip-type         should be renamed equipType
        • Yellow model: attr:equip-vendor         should be renamed equipVendor
        • Yellow model: attr:equip-model         should be renamed equipModel
        • Yellow model: attr:serial-number         should be renamed serialNumber
      • admin-status is included in Yellow Model but not in Model Mapping
      • name2Source is included in Model Mapping but not in Yellow Model
      • resourceVersion is included in Model Mapping but not in Yellow Model
      • frameId is included in Model Mapping but not in Yellow Model
      • SDNC context builder is returning "nfType" - not mentioned in Model Mapping or Yellow Model


      Somewhere in the WiKi, we need to indicate for SDNC context builder, it's possible we will receive 0 or more PFN entries for both the source and destination ports


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