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Dublin Architecture Review: AAI


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      AAI Review.  Jimmy 5/3.

      ArchCom 2019-03-05:  The following was reviewed: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/AAI+R4+Architecture+Review+-+5+Mar+2019 

      The PNF Plug and Play - AAI-2096.

      Not all changes are backwards comptable of the interface, this is driven by fixing the PNF modelling.

      This is due to it being a change of key! As this is fundamental to the graph database.

      Services that do not contain a PNF are not expected to be impact.

      Modelling indicated that this is the way to go.

      The recomendation is to defer the PNF model change and put on the backlog for Release E, the risk and not fully quantified and can be managed.

      Architecture Recomnded.  Approved, but wihtough the PNF model change.





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