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xNF licence management in ONAP



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      xNF licence management and ONAP.

      Samuli has been presenting this in use case subcoommittee and previous developers event.  Samuli presnted https://wiki.onap.org/download/attachments/50202249/ONAP%20and%20xNF%20license%20mgmt%20-%20ArchCom%202019-10-08.pptx?api=v2

      Mainly about the license management principles.

      • proposes that xNF capacity and feature license management is outside the scope of the ONAP functionality.
      • (It was noted that this doesn't cover the case of licences based on xNF instances).
      • Esteiner (Orange) requested that each SW that is installed has an identifier.  It was clarified that ONAP supports this today with AAI.
      • Kevin Scaggs requested to have a meeting relating to the model draft and how that relates to the propsal.
      • Esteiner expressed that for Orange preferes not to have different licences servers, but equally stated that the didn't see that being developed as part of ONAP.
      • Can have flows to show where the interation with the licening management server is.



      Archcom recommends the following principle: "xNF capacity and feature license management is outside of the scope of the ONAP functionality." for now. 

      Need to show the interactions with the licence server in the flows.

      There is finetuning of the definitions required, particular around the concept of vendor specific licence service.

      Note: This is the initial proposal and subsequent discussions may modify.




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