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Guilin-R7 ArchCom Review (AR-0011-R7-052020) E2E Network Slicing Architecture




      E2E Network Slicing for Guilin includes the following tracks for Architecture review:

       1. Frankfurt improvements

      2.  Implement RAN NSSMF within ONAP

      3. Implement Trans NSSMF within ONAP

      4. Implement Core NSSMF within ONAP

      5. KPI Monitoring, close loop control and intelligent slicing

      5. Connect external RAN NSSMF

      Sponsors: LIN MENG, Swaminathann S

      Description and/or Referenced Materials:

      Action points taken from May 26th Arc call:

      1,Clarify on the (standard/external) interfaces supported by ONAP – the slide to be elaborated to make it clear and avoid ambiguity.

      --> A separate slide has been added to clarify the Guilin scope.

      2,With ref. to ExtAPI updates, depict the enhancements clearly – slides from ExtAPI ppt will be included for this.

      -->A separate slide has been added to clarify Guilin scope. More details will be uploaded on the use case wiki page.

      3,Define which approach we are taking for RAN Slicing, and if we are supporting both options , show how we will do this.

      -->In Guilin ONAP acting as NSMF shall support both options, and there is no impact to TN NSSMF. Option 1 – supported with a RAN NSSMF inside ONAP; Option 2 – supported with an external RAN NSSMF simulator. A slide has been added to explain the details.

      4,Discuss with DCAE PTL for DCAE impacts.

      -->Discussed and agreed, and slides updated accordingly. More detailed info will be provided in the use case wiki and Jiras.

      5,Discuss with SO PTL for SO impacts.

      -->Discussed and agreed. More detailed info will be provided in the use case wiki and Jiras.

      6,Clearly highlight the consolidated architectural and functional impact for Guilin release

      -->The relevant slides have been updated.


      Please find the latest updated ARC report slides in the Attachments.


      For referenced Material, please refer to below attachment.


      ArchCom Decision and Comments

      This topic was conditionally approved pending final decision on whether to support Scenario 1 or Scenario2. The 2 Scenarios are fully documented in the matrerials that were presented during the review.

      [annotation by LinMeng] Herein, Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 refers to  RAN NSSMF and TRANS NSSMF interaction scenarios.

      Jul-14-2020 update: this Topic has been approved.

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