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      Upgrade to Kubernetes 1.9 will break secrets for docker pulls
      See issues with nexus secrets in OOM-522 that we need to fix or get fixed first before we consume the new features in 1.9


      fixed in 1.9.1

      The following

      fails to create the secret properly

      cmd=`echo kubectl -namespace $1$2 create secret docker-registry $3 --docker-server=$4 --docker-username=$5 --docker-password=$6 --docker-email=$7`

      related issues
      Our move to helm 2.7 (to be able to use the tpl function) is blocked by an issue with our vnc-portal container – as helm 2.6 comes is with Rancher 1.6.11+ we are still on 1.6.10 using Helm 2.3

      (fixed in OOM-486 )
      Our move to Kubernetes 1.9 is blocked by an issue in the way we store docker repo secrets – I will look into using the older approach so we can move from 1.8.6
      Our move off docker 1.12 is dictated by the version of Rancher that Kubernetes 1.8 works with
      Our move off Ubuntu 16 to 17 is dictated by the version of Ubuntu Rancher is good with – more minor

      Essentially we need to fix the issue with vnc-portal to bump helm which will allow us to use a later Rancher and then fix the docker secret issue in Kubernetes 1.9.

      Kubernetes 1.9 issues
      Docker pulls involving protected nexus server secrets failing after Kubernetes 1.9.0 upgrade from 1.8.4
      Upgrade Kubernetes from 1.8.6 to 1.9.0

      Rancher issues (we cannot move to 1.6.11+ (which contains the server version of helm 2.6 until vnc-portal is fixed)
      Rancher 1.6.13 will run docker 17.03.2 via K8S 1.8 (up from 1.12 for K8S 1.7)
      onap-log elasticsearch container memory config too low to start - fix: sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144 under Rancher 1.6.11+
      Rancher 2.0 deployment POC

      HELM upgrade from 2.3 to 2.7
      OOM vnc-portal container down since 20171114:2300UTC after helm upgrade from 2.3 to 2.6 and Rancher 1.6.11 on same day



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