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Re-add support for multiple instances of ONAP


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      OOM-784 fixes an issue where the helm parent/child chart structure was broken due to the single namespace change..it however breaks OOMs support for having multiple instances of ONAP in the same K8s cluster. 

      I did something similar myself but with a few differences. I tested out this solution and found that it works for 1 instance but not for multiple... helm install so -n instance1
      helm install so -n instance2 --set global.nodePortPrefix=303 Error: release instance2 failed: persistentvolumes "so-mariadb" already exists
      helm list NAME REVISION UPDATED STATUS CHART NAMESPACE instance1 1 Wed Mar 7 19:05:53 2018 DEPLOYED so-2.0.0 default instance2 1 Wed Mar 7 19:07:00 2018 FAILED so-2.0.0 default
      get pv --show-all NAME CAPACITY ACCESS MODES RECLAIM POLICY STATUS CLAIM STORAGECLASS REASON AGE so-mariadb 2Gi RWX Retain Bound instance1/so-mariadb 10s
      The strange part is that you can delete the failed instance, create it again and it will come up but it will steal the volume mount from instance1!
      kubectl get pvc --show-all --all-namespaces NAMESPACE NAME STATUS VOLUME CAPACITY ACCESS MODES STORAGECLASS AGE instance1 so-mariadb Lost so-mariadb 0 4m instance2 so-mariadb Bound so-mariadb 2Gi RWX 2m


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