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TLAB - Create tenant for OOM-deployed ONAP instance



      This tenant will be created to host the deployment of an OOM-based ONAP instance (Rancher/Multi-Node K8S Cluster). The current mode of deployment is led by the Integration Team which consists of running ETE tests along with the demo VNFs (vFW/vDNS).

      As per the general resource requirements (https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/ONAP+on+Kubernetes#ONAPonKubernetes-UndercloudInstallation), the tenant will have the following set of components (NOTE: leaving additional space to accommodate any other tools necessary for now):

      • Multi-Node K8S Cluster (11 VMs/nodes but this number may chang
        • Current VM flavor size: m1.xlarge
      • One Rancher VM to deploy/manage the K8S Cluster
        • Current VM flavor size: m1.xlarge
      • vFW Demo VMs (3 VMs):
        • Current VM flavor size: m1.medium
      • vDNs Demo VMs (up to 7 VMs assuming up to VMs spawn up)
        • Current VM flavor size: m1.medium


      FINAL TENANT QUOTA RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS (updated as of 06/13/18) :

      • 35 floating IPs
      • 150 vCPUs, 384 GB RAM, 1.8 TB HDD**


      Tenant Name: ETE-OOM-Test


      ONAP members that have access to this tenant:

      • Michael O'Brien (frank.obrien@amdocs.com) – REQUEST PENDING 


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