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OOF - HPA Enhancements


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    • OOF - HPA Enhancements

      As an OOF developer, I would like to implement the following to further enhance HPA functional requirements.

      • Logging & statistics and Visualization
        • Ability for deployment administrator to view the compute profiles used by VNFs over time (historical data)
        • VNFs that could not be placed due to non-matching compute profiles.
        • VNFs that are placed, but the optimal compute profile could not be found.
        • VNFs that are placed with various scores.
      • Best site selection with respect to compute profiles:  R2 has ability to select the best compute flavor on per site basis. That is, HPA filter on per input candidate site, checks whether there is any matching compute profile. If there is one, it stops searching on rest of candidates.  In R3, intention is to search through all input candidate sites,  get the best compute profile in each site and select the site whose compute profile (combined) score is highest.  
      • Ensuring that results are consistent irrespective order of the filter execution:  Currently, HPA filter is run last.  If HPA filter is run first, the result should be same.  There are few enhancements required in OOF execution order of filters. It may be that, there are two phases of execution. First phase requires selection of candidate list and second phase is to select the best of all the selected sites.

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