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Eliminate the manual step of creating dummy VF module for scale-out scenario



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      Background -

      To eliminate the manual step of creating a dummy non-base module during the scale-out scenario, some pre-configuration needs to be done during the instantiation of base vf module itself - such that scale-out can happen multiple number of times without any manual steps involved.

      The current approach discussed till now is -

      Scenario: The policy currently needs a dummy scale-out instance (non base) to be pre-created in AAI, before processing any scale-out request.


      Desired Outcome: The SO is able to instantiate the scale-out VF module with only knowing the scale out model name


      Problem statements:

      1. How do we fetch the scale out VNF model parameters such as “modelInvariantId”, “modelVersionId”, “modelCustomizationId” and “modelVersion”? These parameters are currently sent by Policy to SO in the scale out scenario (Please refer sample highlighted text below).
      2. Would the CLAMP be able to fetch the scale out VNF model parameters and pass the same to policy?
      3. The policy would then transparently pass these scale out VNF parameters to SO?
      4. The SO work flow for scale out would be able to fetch the other scale out VNF parameters, knowing the "modelName" parameter and then create the scale out VF module?
      5. What would be the best design and among the components CLAMP, Policy and SO – which of the VNF scale out parameters would be fetched to ensure that SO is able to create a scale out VF module?


      Sample Policy to SO Payload:



        "requestDetails": {

          "modelInfo": {

            "modelType": "vfModule",

            "modelInvariantId": "90b793b5-b8ae-4c36-b10b-4b6372859d3a",

            "modelVersionId": "2210154d-e61a-4d7f-8fb9-0face1aee3f8",

            "modelName": "SproutScalingVf..scaling_sprout..module-1",

            "modelVersion": "1",

            "modelCustomizationId": "3e2d67ad-3495-4732-82f6-b0b872791fff"






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