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Support multiple PAP instances


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      As an ONAP developer, I would like to make it possible to run multiple instances of the PAP component.  May only be able to do design work during Honolulu.


      • Should secondary PAP instances be able to update PDPs simultaneously?
      • Race conditions may occur if CLAMP were to issue policy deployment requests to more than one PAP
      • Even if CLAMP only communicates with a single PAP, race conditions may still occur, wherein the wrong PAP has the final say on what is deployed to a given PDP
      • The approach needs to be able to handle the case where a PDP is unable to deploy a policy
      • Should all PAPs read and process heartbeats?  If not, then the heartbeats will have to be published on a separate topic from the PDP-UPDATE responses, because the latter have to go to all PAPs to avoid the need for point-to-point communication

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