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Adjust flexibility of Tosca Service Template Handling


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      Initial Desc: Right now it is impossible to create more than one service template, as service templates in policy-models/tosca are created with a default name: ToscaServiceTemplateSimple , and a default version: 1.0.0 . This makes it impossible to store multiple service templates. 

      Current Status:  Creation of Multiple service templates was possible all along. The code allowed to define a unique name and version to create and store multiple tosca service templates in the DB. The issue comes from handling the data that has been created with a unique name and version instead of the default one. 
      SimpleToscaServiceTemplateProvider needs to be amended. Its read() method is based off of a default service template key. This ultimately gets used by a get method in the SimpleToscaProvider, which in turn gets used by different methods in different classes such as AuthorativeToscaProvider. This makes it hard to get or delete uniquely named tosca service templates using rest methods, and can only interact with them using a DB.

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