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Spike to determine the work in drools-pdp for redundancy support


      As a ONAP developer, I would like to perform a spike to determine the work needed in drools-pdp for redundancy support. Basically that means increasing the replicaSet from 1 to at least 2 and verify all the operations are working as expected. Following are the main areas to look at:

      • Sending registration & heartbeat requests to PAP.
      • Deployment/Undeployment of policies.
      • Reading events from DMaaP topic in parallel.
      • Processing events in parallel.
      • Reading response of an execution request sent to actors.
      • Updating operations in policy database.
      • Persisting logs from multiple PDP instances in a single k8s PV.
      • Fetching prometheus metrics from multiple PDP instances.
      • Fetching Statistics for multiple PDP instances
      • Distributing the load between the multiple PDP instances.
      • What is needed to make the PDP stateless, thereby converting statefulset to deployment in oom charts.
      • Check the possibility of performing rolling update of the k8s pods.

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