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R12: Refactoring and Removal of Unused Code


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    • R12: Refactoring and Removal of Unused Code
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      Dead and unused code should be removed from the code base so that the code base is reduced and maintenance is easier.

      The old mechanism for managing control loops is still present in the Policy Framework code base even though the Cloudify Control Loop method does not work any longer in DCAE and is not executed. There is also some dead code in other components such as unused executors and communication mechanisms in apex-pdp


      Remove dead code and reduce the size of the code base that must be maintained.


      • Comply with all applicable Global Requirements for source code and Sonar warnings for Dead Code
      • Remove the interfaces, GUI elements, and server-side source code for the cloudify CLAMP control loop implementation
      • Move the API forwarding functionality in clamp-be to another microservice (perhaps API/acm-runtime)
      • Remove the clamp-be microservice
      • Ensure that all unit tests and automated integration and S3P tests still pass when the unused code is removed

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