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Update/Add CSIT test cases for JSON schema support in apex-pdp


    • Policy 2022-07-27->2022-08-10, Policy 2022-08-31->2022-08-17, Policy 2022-08-31->2022-09-14, Policy 2022-09-14->2022-09-28, Policy 2022-09-28->2022-10-12, Policy 2022-10-12->2022-10-26

      As a ONAP developer, I would like to update/add CSIT test cases for the new plugin created in apex-pdp to support JSON based schema for defining input & output events, so that the same is being tested every code merge & nightly as well. Thereby maintaining the sanity of the code base & the feature.

      The CSIT test cases are located here - https://github.com/onap/policy-docker/tree/master/csit/apex-pdp


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