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Network Services without Perception for Users based on IBN


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    • Network Services without Perception for Users based on IBN
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      Description of Requirement:

      The new network applications, like E2E Slicing and CCVPN, provide different SLA services to customers. In this REQ, a scenario of intent guarantee is proposed to support the SLA requirements of users in run-time, as well as updating users’ intents. In R10, Network Services without perception for users based on IBN will be developed to support the E2E Slicing and CCVPN.

      Executive Summary - Intent-based network (IBN) is a self-driving network that uses decoupling network control logic and closed-loop orchestration techniques to automate application intents. An IBN is an intelligent network, which can automatically convert, verify, deploy, configure, and optimize itself to achieve target network state according to the intent of the operators, and can automatically solve abnormal events to ensure the network reliability. In R10, a Specification of network service without perception for users is proposed in UUI to support the use cases of both CCVPN and E2E Slicing.

      Business Impact - It is a challenging problem to acquire the users’ intents and provide the satisfied network service in run-time. The REQ of intent-based network provides a scenario of users’ intent guarantee and interacting.

      Business Markets - This REQ provides a novel solution to support the SLA service.

      1. A users’ intent instance is proposed to monitor and analysis the network in run-time to satisfy the users’ SLA service.
      2. The users’ intents are updated in run-time based on the network situation and the interaction with users.
      3. Multiple network services, like CCVPN and E2E Slicing, can provide satisfied services for users based on their intents. Users will not need to select the network services by hand.

      Funding/Financial Impacts - This function will provide more SLA services to increase the income of operators based on the current networks with few investments.

      Organization Mgmt, Sales Strategies -There is no additional organizational management or sales strategies for this requirement outside of a service providers "normal" ONAP deployment and its attendant organizational resources from a service provider. 


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