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A1 Policy Functions - London


    • A1 Policy Functions Extension - London
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      Description of Use Case / Requirement:

      This feature requirement enhances A1 Policy Management for the O-RAN A1 interface capabilities provided in Rel 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Work will continue by extending & evolving support for using A1 Policies to manage 5G RAN elements by providing intent based policies for optimization of the RAN network performance. Planned enhancements for Rel 12 include support of new A1 interface versions to align with new versions & improvements to O-RAN alliance specifications.The A1-Policy functions should be more robust, better documented, easier to use, and remain aligned with ongoing specification work on A1 (&R1) interface in O-RAN Alliance.


      JohnKeeney ** 

      Link to HLD/LLD (if any):

      Dependency Relationships with Other Projects:


      • A1 Policy Management Service and A1 Adapter are homed in CCSDK
      • Impact Type: C (Code)
      • Company Engagement: Ericsson
      • Resources: Ericsson team & others
      • Support Status: S (Supported)
      • Non-Functional Requirement Support: tbc

      SDNC (No change in London)

      • A1 Adapter is deployed as part of SDNC
      • A1 Policy Management Service is a standalone micro-service deployed with SDNC
      • Impact Type: none
      • Company Engagement: Ericsson
      • Resources: Ericsson team & others
      • Support Status: S (Supported)
      • Non-Functional Requirement Support: tbc


      Interfaces / APIs:

      • Northbound Interface

      • As before (Kohn)
        • A1-PMS v2 NBI (REST & DMaaP) has existed since Honolulu
        • A1-PMS DMaaP NBI is deprecated - will likely be removed in this release
      • It is hoped that O-RAN Alliance will continue to specify the O-RAN R1 interface - which should expose a service for Non-RT-RIC interactions for A1 Policies.
        • A1-PMS NBI will evolve (backward compatible) to support this R1 Service once defined - perhaps during the lifetime of this REQ.
      • A1-PMS NBI needs more detailed specification (more detailed data models)
      • A1-PMS NBI needs to be much more fin-grained.  (Will aim for backwards compatibility)

      • Southbound Interfaces

      • As before (Kohn)
        • OSC A1 v2.1 (Existing)
        • O-RAN A1 v1.1 (Existing)
        • O-RAN A1 v2.0 (Existing)
        • O-RAN A1 v3+ (Small changes from v2.0)
          • If changes are approved by O-RAN Alliance during this lifetime of this REQ.
        • Supports custom connector plug-ins to easily support new A1 connection profiles

      • Internal Interface (A1 Policy Management Service <-> A1 Adapter)

      • RESTCONF (RFC 8040 & Bierman (being phased out))

      Other Important changes:

      • Improved state management & state storage
      • API cleanup & improvement
      • 3PP dependencies updates
      • Upgrade to JDK 17+
      • Align with Service Mesh updates
      • Align with Security Architecture updates
      • Remove DMaaP client
      • Logging & Metrics improvements
      • Support with ONAP 5G SON use case
      • Support ONAP Automation Composition (ACM) support for A1-PMS clients
      • Support ORAN R1 Interface NBI (if complete during this REQ)
      • Improve deployment charts
      • Improve testing

      Integration Leads

      JohnKeeney  BjornMagnussonXA estsonsan  


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