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E2E Network Slice orchestration in R6 Frankfurt


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    • E2E Network Slicing in R6 Frankfurt
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      Implement Network Slice Orchestration functionality in ONAP, with R6 focusing on:

      • Design and pre-provision: Creation of necessary slice/slice sub-net templates
      • Instantiation/Configuration & Activation/de-activation: Instantiation of NSI, including instantiation/mapping of its constituent RAN and Core NSSIs (Core NSSMF is realized as an entity external to ONAP, RAN NSSMF will be within ONAP)

      Stretch goals include:

      1. Modification (scaling/healing) based on Slice FM/PM data reporting (simple closed loop control)
      2. Demonstrate flow of UE traffic using specified slice

      Further details are available inĀ https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/E2E+Network+Slicing+Use+Case+in+R6+Frankfurt

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