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Long-term IPv4/IPv6 dual stack networking support


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    • Long-term IPv4/IPv6 dual stack networking support
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       Description of Use Case / Requirement:

      Majority of LTE and 5G RAN networks today are running exclusively on IPv6. IPv4/IPv6 dual stack solution for ONAP is needed to enable integration. Continuation of https://jira.onap.org/browse/REQ-385 and https://jira.onap.org/browse/REQ-432

      With necessary steps executed already in ONAP Guilin release, we`d like to promote this REQ to become a Best Practice/Global Requirement going forward (Istanbul, and beyond). In Honolulu release, we`d like to build the necessary CI environment, as a PoC.

      We have noticed, that certain components added/replaced in ONAP, esp. database images, are not always supporting Dual Stack operations.

      In order to assure, that ONAP community can release anytime the software, which runs on K8S DualStack platform, we`d like to build a Dual Stack Networking CI/XTesting environment, where the OOM master would be installed on daily basis, and compliance would be checked.

      In Honolulu release, we`d see this as a PoC, as the DualStack environment needs to be built, and exposed for daily XTesting.

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      deen1985 demx8as6 

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      Project OOM IMPACT: TO

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      • Company Engagement: Nokia
      • Resources: up to 3
      • Support Status: S (Supported)

      Project Integration IMPACT: C

      • Impact Type: TO/C (Test Only/Code)
      • Company Engagement: Nokia
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      • Support Status: P (Partially supported) - we`d need integration team support for integration with OPNFV frameworks

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      kkuzmick mprzybys

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