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IPv4/IPv6 dual stack support in ONAP (Istanbul)


    • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack support in ONAP (Istanbul)
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      Description of Use Case / Requirement:

      Majority of LTE and 5G RAN networks today are running exclusively on IPv6. IPv4/IPv6 dual stack solution for ONAP is needed to enable integration. Continuation of REQ-385 and REQ-432

      In Istanbul release the scope is so far:

      • An update of OOM Helm charts, using the K8S 1.20/1.21 IPv4/IPv6 DS model ("PreferDualStack"):
        • At least for DCAEGEN2-Services
        • Preferably in "common OOM Helm chart template".
      • An update of OOM Helm charts for EJBCA server to version 7.x.
        • EJBCA 7.x supports requesting certificates using IPv6 addresses.
        • This task can be executed only after EJBCA 7.x is available as a Docker container.

      Owners (one of these should be the Assignee - use @ notation):
      deen1985 dmilaszkiewicz Grzegorz-Lis

      Link to HLD/LLD (if any):

      Dependency Relationships with Other Projects:

      1. OOM --> OOM charts to be modified mainly
      2. DCAEGEN2-Services --> OOM Charts modification targets the DCAEGEN2-Services
      3. OOM-CertService --> The EJBCA server update might require changes in OOM-CertService

      Project Impact (Test Only (TO), Code (C)):
      OOM (C)
      OOM-CertService (C)

      NFR Support: (support for non-functional requirement)

      1. Its is an NFR itself

      Support Status for each Affected Project (Supported (S); Partially Supported (P); Not Supported (N)):
      Note: for any affected projects labeled 'P' or 'N', please document the resulting gaps.

      • OOM: S
      • DCAE: (S)

      Integration Leads (use @ notation): dmilaszkiewicz

      Company Engagement:

      • Nokia
      • Orange
      • Samsung

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