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Clearly split ONAP code and use case code


    • Clearly split ONAP code and use case code
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      Description of Use Case / Requirement:

      Project Status

      ONAP is a complex software architecture aiming to onboard any xNF.

      In order to promote ONAP, each release associates use case to demonstrate the capabilities of the solution.

      As a consequence, ONAP is delivered with code dedicated for specific use cases.

      A fresh installation of ONAP includes several pieces of code (config, heat template, DG graph, BPMN, policy..) accross the different components that may not be needed by the Service provider willing ot use ONAP.

      Considering ONAP as a Telco ready solution, the code of the ONAP solution and the code of the use cases shall be clearly separated

      Tools and/or procedures shall be clearly defined to onboard the use case in ONAP at any time (not during the installation)

      It will force projects to keep generic and flexible and avoid workarounds to support specific use cases.

      This work has already been evoked since Beijing but never really started.


      regarding the scope it is right that is wide but the place were we are mixing things are limited, it deals with the BPMN, Directed Graphs, config map of some pods.

      So potentially it may impact several projects: SO, SDNC, CDS, DCAE, Policy,...

      A first iteration could be on SO..load only the BPMN you want at installation, need to discuss with seshukm  if it would be acceptable


      T-Shirt Size depends on the number of impacted projects

      Owners (one of these should be the Assignee - use @ notation):


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      Dependency Relationships with Other Projects:


      Project (ONAP Component #1) Same impact for any project

      • Impact Type: make resources creation configurable at installation
      • Company Engagement: xyz
      • Resources: xyz (People)
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