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      Following set of work items is a follow up of K8S support activity from Dublin release which developed vFW K8s Use Case with VNF-API. Here we will add support for instantiation of K8S based services with GR-API/Macro Flow instantiation without any need on manual data preloading. The functionality may result with enhancements in Mutlicloud K8s plugin and CDS which will allow dynamic creation of K8s service profile.

      • Modifications in vFW K8S helm charts to make them compatible with CDS blueprints
      • Modifications in vFW CDS blueprint to make it working with vFW K8S Helm charts
      • Modifications in Multicloud for creations of K8S instance profile based on information from CDS
      • Modifications in CDS required for creation of K8s profile by CDS itself

      The functionality will enable realization of vFW K8S use case (in next release) with showcase of LCM operations like traffic distribution, scaling, upgrade which will be supported by CDS and will be invoked by K8s through K8s plugin - all this with fulfill the requirements of Change Management working group which provides mechanisms improving the mentioned operations.

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