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Guilin-R7 - Support for Intent-based Network


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      Description of Use Case / Requirement:

       The Intent-based Network (IBN) is available to bridge the gap between the business department and IT department. It is able to capture the intents of business sensitively, and then reconfigure the end-to-end network according to the intents momentarily. Normally, the operation of underlay network and related systems are involved when opening or reconfiguring a network service. It needs professionals of different roles to perform a series of complex operations, which also takes a long time. The target of IBN is to establish an extensible framework to identify the users' network requirements based on natural language, allocate appropriate resources with the help of preset business knowledge or self-learning intelligent engine, and then convert them into the operations of network equipment and interface automatically, so as to simplify the operations.

      In addition, the IBN also includes:

      (1) Intent verification function: It is used to verify whether the automatically created network services satisfy the requirements of users;

      (2) Intent assurance function: With the help of periodic analyzed business KPI, it checks whether the current network services satisfy the users' requirements, such as QoS. If not, it will reconfigure the resources and networks to satisfy the expectations of users.

      It mainly includes the following functions:
      1) Realize the development of natural language processing and user intention recognition module and UI
      2) Intent translation
      3) Intent management
      4) Intent verification
      5) Intent decision
      6) Based on the ONAP 5G slicing use case scenario, the intent network drives 5G slicing business capabilities

       Owners (one of these should be the Assignee - use @ notation):


      Link to HLD/LLD (if any):

       ONAP_Proposal_IBN V1.82.pptx

      Scope for G release

      Category   Requirement Content
      AR1 Support 5G slice creation by intent based network Use intent based network to create 5G slice.
      AR2 Support Intent instance LCM operations provide functions for intent instance create, terminate, and KPI monitoring operations.
      FR1 User intent idendify Use NLP module to parse user inputs, identify user intent and extract the key information.
      FR2 Intent Translation Translate high-level of abstraction to a more concrete form in order to be validated and processed.
      FR3 Intent Verification Verify if the intent decision was executed as expected.(At present, there is no simulation verification, simple implementation, non-target solution)
      FR4 Intent Decision Decide which, if any, policies shall be executed in response to a request by another managed entity for a set of governance actions.
      FR5 Intent Guarantee Two-level closed loop and two-level monitoring(G version is not supported, it is planned to be implemented in H version)

      Dependency Relationships with Other Projects:

      Component name         Explanation Interactive mode Does it involve component modification
      Policy Obtain rules for intent decision making from policy components Create policy POST /policy/api/v1/policytypes/policytype/versions/1.0.0
      Query policy GET  POLICY-API-URL/policy/api/v1/policytypes/policytype/versions/1.0.0/policies
      Trigger policy PUT /policy/pdp/engine/topics/sources/dmaap/DCAE_TOPIC/events
      AAI Obtain intent knowledge base information
      Record intent instance information
      Query slice instance information
      SO Call model instantiation interface
      Call the instance change interface
      Create service order POST / api / so-serviceInstances / v3
      Create 5G service instance POST / mso / async / services / CreateCommunicationService
      Create 5G slice POST / mso / async / services / CreateSliceService
      DCAE Obtain the monitoring information of the deployment instance Query FM/PM data
      Get events of triggering OOF
      UUI Implement IBN front end in UUI User natural language interaction POST / ibn / intentClassify Y

      Project Impact (Test Only (TO), Code (C)):

      1.Policy(Existing, to be confirmed)




      Component name Impacted  detail
      AAI Need to add new object definition in AAI schema, including intent instance, intent solution and intent solution parameter.
      UUI A new page is needed in UUI, which user can input network requirement by human-nature language,  then the new page sends the user input to IBN componet and displays the response information to user. This procedure may be repeated multiple times until the conversation is completed and a new intent is formed in IBN component.

      Support Status for each Affected Project (Supported (S); Partially Supported (P); Not Supported (N)):

      Note: for any affected projects labeled 'P' or 'N', please document the resulting gaps.


      Integration Leads (use @ notation):


      Company Engagement:

       List of Companies provide code / test commitment :

      China Telecom, CMCC, Huawei.

      Note: The exact split of component responsibility is being finalized.



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