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Deliver ORAN SMO override


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    • ONAP to provide ORAN SMO package
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      Description of Use Case / Requirement:

      In order to facilitate reuse between the ORAN SC and ONAP communities, ONAP should provide a dedicated override file to support the installation of the ORAN SMO components, including dedicated documentation and configuration so that the ORAN SC community can integrate it into their release, schedule updates ...

      Stretch : ONAP should also dedicate some CI runs to verify interactions between ONAP components to verify they are still behaving as expected for ORAN workload, this means creating a dedicate CI gate or automated use case to verify a set of 'oran compatibility tests'

      Owners :




      Link to HLD/LLD (if any) : see attached slide deck to this epic


      Dependency Relationships with Other Projects: OOM, integration


      Project Impact (Test Only (TO), Code (C)): TO


      Support Status for each Affected Project (Supported (S); Partially Supported (P); Not Supported (N)):
      Note: for any affected projects labeled 'P' or 'N', please document the resulting gaps.


      OOM: AT&T(S)

      Integration : AT&T (S)


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      Company Engagement:
      AT&T, others ?


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