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Control Loop in TOSCA LCM improvement



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    • Control Loop in TOSCA LCM improvement
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      Description of Use Case / Requirement:

      CLAMP (Control Loop Automation Management Platform) functionalities, recently moved to Policy project , want to provide a Control Loop Lifecycle management architecture. A control Loop is a key concept for Automation and assurance Use Cases and remain a top priority for ONAP as an automation platform. This requirement wants to improve Control Loop LCM architecture focusing on an abstract CL management logic , providing a common CL Design time catalogue with a  generic CL definition,isolating CL logic vs ONAP component logic and elaborate API to integrate with other design systems as well as 3PP component integration. PoCs have been progressed in ONAP Rel G and H in this area, CL LCM redesign has reached a relevant viable set of features and  it is ready to be moved in Rel I  to mainstream as part of the Policy framework.


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      zuqiang, liamfallon

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