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Design Nested/Hierarchical ETSI SOL001 v3.3.1 Network Service Descriptor package


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    • Support for Nested/Hierarchical ETSI SOL001 v2.7.1 Network Service Descriptor
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      • Executive Summary- Design an ETSI SOL007 v3.3.1 compliant Network Service Descriptor package including an ETSI v3.3.1 SOL001 Network Service Descriptor (NSD) that includes references to other Network Service Descriptors for deployment using an ETSI compliant NFVO.
        • Composed of zero or more VNFs and one or more nested Network Services and the Virtual Links that connect them.
        • Support for using VNFs with CNF enhancements
      • Business Impact- Enables operators and service providers to use vendor provided and internally designed Network Service Descriptors with ONAP and existing NFVO. Industry compatibility.
      • Business Markets- All operators and service providers that are developing ETSI compatible Network Services especially for 5G Slicing where each Slice Subnet is associated with a Network Service 
      • Funding/Financial Impacts- Reduction in operations expense from using industry standard NSD packaging.
      • Organization Mgmt, Sales Strategies-There is no additional organizational management or sales strategies for this requirement outside of a service providers "normal" ONAP deployment and its attendant organizational resources from a service provider.

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