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SDC Distribution Client should work with lower-case Header entries


      In ServiceMesh enabled environments 

      SDC Model distribution in CDS (CSAR file download failed)
      After reading debug logs and code we found the problem in the implementation of the SDC adapter and Istio sidecar behaviour (https://www.envoyproxy.io/docs/envoy/latest/configuration/http/http_conn_man/header_casing).

      • Istio Sidecars (envoy) normalize the HTTP headers to be all lower case

      e.g. Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="service-BasicOnboardXqoitl-csar.csar" -> content-disposition: attachment; filename="service-BasicOnboardXqoitl-csar.csar" * SDC Distribution Client expects upper case and fails to read the header data

      static final String CONTENT_DISPOSITION_HEADER = "Content-Disposition";
      To be more flexible, the client should be able to cope with lower case header entries

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