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Fix authentication config for Homing Cloudsites


      In src/main/groovy/org/onap/so/bpmn/common/scripts/OofHoming.groovy @ 269 we reference config password for both username and password in multicloud config:

      String msoMulticloudUserName = UrnPropertiesReader
      .getVariable("mso.multicloud.api.password", execution,
      String msoMulticloudPassword = UrnPropertiesReader
      .getVariable("mso.multicloud.api.password", execution,

      At the least we should reference username for the username properties. However we should probably have a way to get credentials for each cloud from AAI or AAA.

      See https://gerrit.onap.org/r/gitweb?p=so.git;a=blob;f=bpmn/MSOCommonBPMN/src/main/groovy/org/onap/so/bpmn/common/scripts/OofHoming.groovy;h=df3399f1f00020da9ec6cf2912c1182248086ef5;hb=a0f26d934ed91a68553b3d9991ac9126ddb08735#l270

      This bug is medium because it can be worked around by prepopulating clouds (using configmap or database) and their identities with correct username and password, or setup clouds that are auto populated by homing to use apih/abc123.

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