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PNF PnP Dublin updates & improvements


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    • PNF PnP Dublin updates & improvements
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      This EPIC covers all necessary improvements in the SO, related to the PNF PnP flows.
      At this moment, the following have been defined:

      1. The AAI PNF-ID entry has to be filled with SO-generated UUID
      2. The PNF Instance registered within ONAP/Casablance PNF PnP flow needs to be automatically associated with an appropriate Service Instance
      3. The PNF PnP SO sub-workflow needs to be aligned with updated AAI PNF schema (after point 1 and point 2).

      In case of addtional items are defined - they`d be mentioned in this EPIC, or dedicated EPICs will be linked to this one.
      For the initial 3 items, we do not expect a bunch of Tasks - rather a single task per development item.
      That`s why we`re grouping these items in that single EPIC.

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