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SO to be made independent of Cloud technologies


    • SO enhancement to make it work with K8S based cloud regions

      Good amount of work is done in R3 to take advantage of Multi-Cloud for cloud technology specific activities.

      Work items:

      • Fix any gaps in SO-MC communication
        • Ensure that enough information is passed from SO and MC for MC to figure out which VNF specific artifacts to be used.  Currently, VNF ID is being passed. Not sure whether this is sufficient.
        • Ensure that all operations are supported (DELETE VNF, Scale-out VNF etc...)
        • Ensure that right values are returned from MC as part of response. 
          • SO to store VNF returned ID in A&AI (If it is not done properly)
          • SO to store the IP address of each workload in A&AI (in vServer?) - If not done properly.
        • Ensure that it is tested with K8S based cloud region.
        • Ensure to use sdnc_directives for information returned from the SDNC.
      • userParams that are passed to SO by its applications such as VID/CLI/PORTAL as part of CreateVNF API are passed transparently to the Multi-Cloud.
        • Ensure that SO-MC API has provision to pass userParams (Call it as userDirectives). Ensure that userParams that are passed as part of VNF/VF by VID are passed to MC as userDirectives.
      • Identify any other gaps to make it Openstack independent and fix those gaps.


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