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SO to CDS Enhancement for Generic Implementation



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      • Finalize the Design for the Generic Building block call to CDS
      • Using a common BB for all activities that interact with CDS. 


      • Finalize on the SO selection of ACTOR for APPC or CDS or SDNC
      • Stop using the SO DB tables for actor selection (Must be meta data-driven via SDC) for all action
      • Single Controller for a given Resource (VNF or PNF).
      • All actions go through either APPC or SDNC or CDS.
      • Allow via SDC selection of multiple CDS blueprint processor namespace. 
        • SO to ingest the CSAR with the namespace for a given resource. 



      • Scope & Action naming convention should follow the camel case format for all use cases.
      • Scope naming convention is as follows:
        • “service”
        • “vnf”
        • “pnf”
        • “vfModule”
        • “vnfc”   - shall be introduced in the G Release 


      • CDS Payload Generation: 
        • The Scope shall be used for passing correct keys and instance params per scope level. In previous design discussion $actionName was derived from concatenation of scope+action but this rule has changed as of 12/18/2019. The $actionName shall consistent of only action thus $actionName=action.value
          • *a*ction-name=$actionName
          • $actionName-request
          • $actionName-properties 
      • State Transition
      • A&AI Update for SO building for status


      See the attached PPT for more information. 


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