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      SOL003 Adapter Package Management - Query Subscription Info

      • SVNFM re-synchronizes all or selected subscriptions after some errors in SVNFM or some exception handling.
      • SVNFM sends a Query Subscription Info request to the SOL003 Adapter.
        • GET .../subscriptions  // for all subscriptions
      • SOL003 Adapter returns package subscription lists in the form of PkgmSubscription[] in the payload
      • or
      • SVNFM sends a Query Subscription Info request for a selected subscription to the SOL003 Adapter 
        • GET .../subscriptions/{subscriptionId}
      • SOL003 Adapter returns a selected package subscription to SVNFM.


      Precondition: SVNFM lost package subscription information

      Postcondition: SVNFM gets package subscription information



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