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      SOL003 Adapter Package Management - Notify (SOL003 Adapter -> SVNFM & ETSI Catalog Manager -> SOL003 Adapter)

      • If an event occurs that matches the filtering criteria, the SOL003 Adapter generates a notification that includes information about the event, and sends it to the registered SVNFM.
      • SOL003 Adapter receives a notification from the ONAP-ETSI Catalog Manager
      • SOL003 Adapter sends a Notify message about VNF package onboarding or change
        • POST <<Client side URL>> (<<Notification>>)
      • SVNFM acknowledges the successful delivery of notification.
        • 204 No content


      Precondition: SVNFM has subscribed to the SOL003 Adapter previously

                              SOL003 Adapter subscribed to the ETSI Catalog Manager previously

      Postcondition: SVNFM receives a notification.

      Notification from the ETSI Catalog Manger to the SOL003 Adapter

      • Receiving notifications for the package management (ETSI Catalog Manager → SOL003 Adapter)
        • The ETSI Catalog Manager team is working on the Notification API.
        • Once the notification api is settled, the subscribed SOL003 Adapter will receive package notifications from the ETSI Catalog Manager.
      • <Sequence Diagram: TBD>


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