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Support for secure communication between SOL003 Adapter and VNFM Simulator / VNFM



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      SOL003 Adapter and VNFM Simulator / VNFM need to communicate each other thru secure communication via HTTPs


      SOL003 Adapter - OAuth2 based Authentication and authorization support between ONAP and SVNFM

      • SOL003 Adapter and SVNFM supports OAuth2 and HTTP Basic Authentication.
      • SOL003 Adapter communicates with the SVNFM via secured HTTPS protocol with authentication and authorization.
      • SOL003 API call security needs to be conformed to OAuth2
      • SOL003 Notification call security needs to be conformed to OAuith2 or HTTP Basic authorization (user/pass)
      • SOL003 Adapter will leverage the AAF security mechanism (as authorization server)
      • Currently, SOL003 Adapter support one-way and two-way AA.
      • SVNFM will be allowed to have their own security mechanisms based on their security requirements, but is required to support OAuth2 and HTTP Basic Authentication.
      • Authentication Federation between the Adapters and the SVNFM/NFVO is under discussion.
      • Some vendors prefer SAML-based federation
      • AAF Authentication and External Authentication Server will exchange authentication tokens, based on federation configuration. It depends on AAF.
      • In the Frankfurt release, the authentication federation may not be supported.






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