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AssignPnfBB - set orchestration status to Assigned after successful assignment


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      • AssignPnfBB should set PNF orchestration status to Assigned
        • Status should be switched after PNF was successfully created in AAI and assigned to service instance

      How to demo:

      • Run demo flow containing AssignPnfBB on some demo service model (use SO official REST API to start instantiation)
      • Show in SO Monitoring that flow with AssignPnfBB has been executed
      • Show that entry for PNF was created in AAI with requested pnfCorrelationId (PNF instance name). 
      • Show that PNF orchestration status was set to Assigned

      Arch details:

      • Status change should be implemented similarly as in AssignVnfBB (see "AAI Update (vnf)" at the end of BPMN)
        • Add separate task at the end of AssignPnfBB 
        • Similarly as for VNF implement methods:
          • AAIUpdateTasks.updateOrchestrationStatusAssignedPnf()
          • AAIPnfResources.updateOrchestrationStatusPnf()

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