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Support SO NFVO Microservice Plugin Capabilities


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    • Support SO NFVO Microservice Plugin Capabilities

      Supports SO NFVO function Microservice plugin capabilities, leveraging MSB, SpringBoot and Kubernetes,  for hosting NFVO function components by configuration. So, the SO NFVO can be customized in a future by operators.

      Note: In Guilin, it is partially supported. All the above strikeout features will be supported in the next release.

      • Supports for substitution of existing function plugins
        • Supports registration of a new substitution Microservice with version control (leverage a mechanism like AAI ESR)
        • supports plug-in mechanism of substitution Microservices
        • Dynamic dispatching/launching plugin instances based on configuration/policy
      • Supports for extension of existing function plugins
        • Default function plugin extension with version control
        • Dynamic dispatching/launching an extended plugin instance based on configuration/policy
      • Test Service Discovery
      • Test Inter-Service Communication (for Guilin, SOL003 Adapter)

      Note: we are not building the Microservice service registration, aggregation, discovery and routing engine itself, but we are leveraging the engine's capability (e.g., MSB, API Fabric, Kong, or Kubernetes & service discovery) to offer configuration of NFVO Microservice components access. 

      In Guilin, the following will be supported

      • Configures Microservice registration
        • The following default function Microservices will be plugged in: 
          • NS LCM Manager including:
            • SOL005 NBI API Handler
            • NS Workflows and Logic
            • Embedded Camunda Workflow Engine
            • MultiCloud Adapter client
            • ETSI Catalog Manager Adapter
            • AAI Client
          • SOL003 Adapter
          • Shared Camunda Workflow Engine (allow to use ONAP SO Camunda engine) - if ONAP SO Dynamic BPMN is available.
          • ETSI Catalog Manager Adapter (in Guilin, it is part of NS LCM Manager)
          • NS Resource Infra Management (RIM) Manager
          • MultiCloud Adapter (in Guilin, reuse of ONAP SO MultiCloud Adapter)
          • Inventory DB Adapter (In Guilin, reuse of ONAP SO AAI client)
          • Notification Manager (not for Guilin)
          • Policy Adapter (not for Guilin)
          • K8S Client (not for Guilin)
          • Configuration Adapter (not for Guilin)
          • FM/PM Event Adapter (not for Guilin)



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