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Create NS Backend Service


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      Supports the Create NS backend operations and workflows which do the following sequence:

      <Create NS: note: the following workflow is a template, and it can be enhanced as needed.>

        • Supports SOL005-compliant CreateNSRequest request and parameters
          • For AAI, supports global_customer_id and service_type as part of HTTP header
            • This is not SOL005 standards, but for AAI, these parameters would be necessary.
            • Note: if there is an alternative way, please propose.
        • Supports getting NS Package from ETSI Catalog Manager
          • Query ETSI Catalog Manager for an NS package with the given csar_id 
        • Supports NSD Validation check:
          • check if the NSD package exists in the ETSI Catalog Manager DB; otherwise generates errors
        • Supports check of an existing NS Instance
          • If an existing NS instance is found, it is an error condition. Returns a proper error.
          • else 
            • Creates NS Instance in the NS Instance DB:
              • stores the NS instance data into the NS Instance DB with the status= 'NOT_INSTANTIATED'
            • Creates a unique ns instance id (uuid)
            • Stores NS instance attribute data into the NS Instance DB.
              • e.g., ns_instance_id, ns_name, ns_package_id, nsd_id, nsd_invariant_id, description, lastuptime, global_customer_id, service_type
              • Adds additional attributes as needed
        • Prerequisite: before calling the Create NS workflows, the Service and Service-subscription objects should be in AAI.
        • Create an NS instance in AAI:
          • Stores an NS instance to the AAI Service Instance with required attributes as follows.
            • Note: shares the AAI Service Instance with the NetworkService type and role.
            • service-instance-id = ns_inst_id
            • service-instance-name = ns-name
            • service-type = SERVICE_TYPE (NetworkService)
            • service-role = SERVICE_ROLE (NetworkService)
        • For the response, gets the nsInstance data from GetNSInfoService
          • Collects only the NS related mandatory information, not VnfInstance, VlInstance, or else
          • Note: CreateVNF and InstantiateVNF happen during the InstantiateNS, not part of Create NS
        • Supports return of 201 Created with the NsInstance (with NS related mandatory information)

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