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Terminate NS Backend Service


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      Supports the Terminate NS backend operations and workflows which do the following sequence:

      <Terminate NS: note: the following workflow is a template, and it can be enhanced as needed.>



      • Supports SOL005-compliant TerminateNSRequest request and parameters
        • Only support for the immediate Terminate request; i.e., terminateTime field is empty.
        • Creates BPMN workflows and business logic for the following Terminate NS operations
          • Supports input parameter handling
            • Initialize Parameters: Get an ns_inst_d, job_id and request_data from the parameters
              • set terminate_type, terminate_timeout from request_data 
              • set job_id, ns_inst_id
              • set occ_id by creating a record in NsLcmOpOccModel DB
          • Checks if the NS instance already exists
            • if there no matching NS instance from the NFVO_NSINT database table, consider there is nothing to terminate, and return (not an error, but log that there is no matching NS instance)
          • Sets Job Status to Starting: set job status as "Starting terminate..."
          • Updates the NFVO_NSINST database table with the status = TERMINATING
          • Cancels VNF list (through SOL003 Adapter)
            • Gets a VNF instance list from the NFVO_NFINST
              • for each vnf inst
                • delete_vnf (nf_instid)
                  • POST /api/nslcm/v1/ns/terminateVnf/{instId} to the SOL003 Adapter
            • For the Terminate VNF internal request, the SOL003 Adapter will invoke both Terminate and Delete VNF operations
          • Cancels VL list (through MultiCloud Adapter)
            • Follow the Delete VLs user story; pass the VL list
          • Modifies the NFVO_NSINST database table, status = NOT_INSTANTIATED
          • Sets job status = NS terminate ends
          • Updates NsLcmOpOCC to COMPLETED
          • note: Send nsLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification
            • Note: this notification will be handled by a separate notification and subscription user story.

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