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SO has java 8 pods


      A version scan has been implemented in Guilin as part of the security tests run in CI
      it is run in the master weekly chain

      The scanner detected Java8 on some of your pods

      onap-so-74bc854c8b-fnwql so 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-appc-orchestrator-58cfdcb76f-frf99 so-appc-orchestrator 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-bpmn-infra-78f4cb989-s2bdl so-bpmn-infra 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-catalog-db-adapter-65878bf864-crldr so-catalog-db-adapter 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-etsi-nfvo-ns-lcm-59bf9bdd48-wjnkq so-etsi-nfvo-ns-lcm 11.0.8
      onap-so-monitoring-77854bf7c-r9z8c so-monitoring 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-nssmf-adapter-6b7c7cbd9f-jxlxz so-nssmf-adapter 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-openstack-adapter-58bbc69df8-tw2gs so-openstack-adapter 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-request-db-adapter-84bbb67f6b-wcmjw so-request-db-adapter 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-sdc-controller-67b76c9f59-4gxmn so-sdc-controller 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-sdnc-adapter-6688fbb858-wfhl8 so-sdnc-adapter 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-vfc-adapter-5cf7bf6476-br6bq so-vfc-adapter 1.8.0_212
      onap-so-vnfm-adapter-7f97dd6f8-tsf8w so-vnfm-adapter 1.8.0_212


      A Guilin requirement consists in migrating to java 11 (min 11.0.6)

      SECCOM recommended versions:https://git.onap.org/integration/seccom/tree/recommended_versions.yaml

      seshukm   I know that the migration is in gate, so this patch shall be closed quickly. As it is part of the weekly scan, I will be able to verify once merged in Master

      zwarico Pawel_P  kopasiak  pwieczorek

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