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Demo.sh init step is not adding availability-zone information in AAI


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      We have installed OOM based Casablanca release staging version.

      While trying to instantiate vLB, Create VNF step is failing. The SO debug log says Error from SDNC: No availability zones found in AAI for cloud region RegionOne.

      We have done AAI initialization using robot script ./demo.sh init and it has PASSed.

      When I check by calling AAI API @ /cloud-infrastructure/cloud-regions/cloud-region/CloudOwner/RegionOne/availability-zones, I don't see availability-zone related information present in it.

      If I add availability-zone manually in AAI, Create VNF operation gets successful.

      I think this availability-zone related information should be put in AAI by demo.sh init step by retrieving it from OpenStack.

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