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pnf-registrate not executable out of onap namespace


      We would like to execute all teh tests out of onap namespace and keep the runtime part as clean as possible.

      when running the tests in onap-testing with robot_properties.py as cm input, we got the following results:

      Pnf-Registration :: Executes the PNF registration test cases including setu...
      PNF Registration only DCAE part: AAI, VES, PRH, DMaaP :: This test... | PASS |
      Instantiate PNF service (using building blocks) and succesfully re... | FAIL |
      Keyword 'Validate Service Instance' failed after retrying for 3 minutes. The last error was: Resolving variable '${resp.json()['service-instance'][0]}' failed: KeyError: 'service-instance'
      Pnf-Registration :: Executes the PNF registration test cases inclu... | FAIL |
      2 critical tests, 1 passed, 1 failed


      note the results was ok when executed on onap ns (the error could be an expected error)

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