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Recommendations from the ONAP Academic Conference 20181022-23


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      Notes from the 80+ attendees of the conference on ONAP


      • need k8s monitoring more than kubectl - see using policy
      • need to optimize etcd cluster in k8s - talking with bdfreeman1421 - we only run the default 3 - but may need 5 - also we don't optimize for cloud compared to bare metal - it seems that the cluster is very sensitive to network issues like lag - I am theorizing that the cluster degrades due to pod rescheduling
      • verify that onap will run better with a max memory limit - if we run at 90% on all the vms then a vm failure will saturate the remaining nodes - try to run under 50% capacity
      • need dependency tree for each component - for example all need aai, sdc needs dmaap
      • why 2 separate openstack configs in values.yaml (understand SO but why appc has a separate config - Alain Soliel
      • also how do we know onap has the correct SO parameters to run openstack heat stack - if there is an error during VNF instantiation - would need to triage.
      • how can AAI be used to validate runtime state of deployed VNFs
      • is VID only the "intent" - is there a way to validate actually deployed VNFs - POMBA can be used - https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Network+Discovery+Context+Builder (in OOM only)
        details on values.yaml overrides needed
      • multiple questions on bringing up parts of onap
      • large discussion after the talk with 12 students, a couple vendors on where is the single place for details on running onap for developers
      • need a full set of dependency tree value.yaml profiles generated auto from the deployment.yaml's
      • AWS support for Telstra
      • Logging ATT contact for analytics
      • Alain Soleil - tmobile work with values.yaml override
      • Nokia 5g ?
      • q about resiliency of vms - need to stress that the base case is a single VM running a subset of onap
      • felix send postman template + variables - felix.openair@gmail.com - in https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/vFW+Closed+Loop+step-by-step?preview=/45286511/45295171/Powder%20lab.postman_environment.json

      With Pamela/Brian/Liam

      • order of services must be sequenced - dmaap comes up first - don't bother with the rest until it is up - like we know

      Industry - University

      deep packet inspection as a chained vnf
      need interfaces for vnf chaining - for example dpi
      how to save imperitive changes to an intent - re-intent, rollback etc
      sriov support
      need better session dryout.affinity switch during cloud based a/b upgrade

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