A version scan has been implemented in Guilin as part of the security tests run in CI
      it is run in the master weekly chain
      The scanner detected Python2.7 on some of your pods.

      onap-vfc-generic-vnfm-driver-c5584757f-k7q5k vfc-generic-vnfm-driver 3.6.10
      onap-vfc-generic-vnfm-driver-c5584757f-k7q5k vfc-generic-vnfm-driver 3.8.2
      onap-vfc-generic-vnfm-driver-c5584757f-k7q5k vfc-generic-vnfm-driver-filebeat-onap 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-huawei-vnfm-driver-69dfc897b4-2x47w vfc-huawei-vnfm-driver 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-huawei-vnfm-driver-69dfc897b4-2x47w vfc-huawei-vnfm-driver-filebeat-onap 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-mariadb-0 vfc-mariadb 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-mariadb-1 vfc-mariadb 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-mariadb-2 vfc-mariadb 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-nslcm-64968f56f7-5rv4n vfc-nslcm 3.6.10
      onap-vfc-nslcm-64968f56f7-5rv4n vfc-nslcm 3.8.2
      onap-vfc-nslcm-64968f56f7-5rv4n vfc-nslcm-filebeat-onap 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-redis-76445f44cd-rxb2m vfc-redis 3.4.3
      onap-vfc-vnflcm-7898866fdc-28wd9 vfc-vnflcm 3.6.10
      onap-vfc-vnflcm-7898866fdc-28wd9 vfc-vnflcm 3.8.2
      onap-vfc-vnflcm-7898866fdc-28wd9 vfc-vnflcm-filebeat-onap 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-vnfmgr-6b5d75d598-hkmrh vfc-vnfmgr 3.6.10
      onap-vfc-vnfmgr-6b5d75d598-hkmrh vfc-vnfmgr 3.8.2
      onap-vfc-vnfmgr-6b5d75d598-hkmrh vfc-vnfmgr-filebeat-onap 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-vnfres-54d7766d74-tcbxs vfc-vnfres 3.6.10
      onap-vfc-vnfres-54d7766d74-tcbxs vfc-vnfres 3.8.2
      onap-vfc-vnfres-54d7766d74-tcbxs vfc-vnfres-filebeat-onap 2.7.5
      onap-vfc-zte-vnfm-driver-85b4cfcb49-zb7cr vfc-zte-vnfm-driver 3.6.10
      onap-vfc-zte-vnfm-driver-85b4cfcb49-zb7cr vfc-zte-vnfm-driver 3.8.2
      onap-vfc-zte-vnfm-driver-85b4cfcb49-zb7cr vfc-zte-vnfm-driver-filebeat-onap 2.7.5

      As a version 3 has also been detected (but recommended version 3.8.3), Python 2.7 is maybe not used anymore and could be removed (just installed by default on the distro)
      If your Python 3 migration is done you can close this ticket

      Note if you do not use python (python just installed with the base image), you can optimize your image (using available baseline images) and/or close the ticket.

      If your changes are already in the gate, it is great, please update the tickets.
      The scan will be run every week.

      SECCOM recommended versions: https://git.onap.org/integration/seccom/tree/recommended_versions.yaml



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