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VES collector port information needs to be enhanced in VES Event Listener doc



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      version: master / Frankfurt
      page: submodules/vnfrqts/requirements.git/docs/Chapter8/ves7_1spec

      Chapter 8.7.3.
      It describes the structure of VES Collector API (Paths, ports, aso).
      The following is stated:

      {Port} above is typically 8443."

      This information might be misleading for xNF providers.
      Essentially, VES collector container exposes port 8443, indeed. Now, in Kubernetes environment, which is the only support container management platform for ONAP, at ONAP Frankfurt, this internal container port is mapped to a NodePort, exposed in a K8S worker.
      The xNFs connect to that NodePort actually, and not to the internal collector port.

      According to the list here: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/OOM+NodePort+List
      (Search for "DCAE VESCollector - Https" in the table), the VES collector port 8443 is mapped to NodePort 30417 in ONAP Frankfurt release.

      In order to make the integration easier for xNF providers, it is proposed to modify the text in the following way:

      "The {Port}

      above (as seen from the xNF perspective) is typically 30417, in environments, where local VES collector port 8443 is mapped to a Kubernetes NodePort, which is a standard configuration in ONAP OOM Helm charts."


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