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Expose REST endpoint to update YANG schema set using moduleSetTag.


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      The interface currently supports

      1. createdCmHandles
      2. updatedCmHandles
      3. removedCmHandles

      It should be done as part of 'upgradedCmHandles' and look for /recognize the moduleSetTag update cm handle properties that could be updated as the same time as the module set.


      A/C :

      1. Verify cm handle is using upgraded yang model.
      2. Only READY cn handle should be upgraded.
      3.  A separate notifications will be send with details of the old and new values for moduleSetTag (Event should use existing topic with identical format)

            5. Dmi-plugin REST call should not be performed if moduleSetTag  is known.

            6. Querying cm handle should inclde moduleSetTag if it exists.


      Out of scope :

      1. Identify and test error scenarios .
      2. Retry should be triggered if upgrade fails.
      3. While upgrading 2 notifications should be sent (part of CPS-1801)
        • State should be LOCKED and reason should be LOCKED_UPGRADING 
        • Cm handle moved into READY state

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