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CM Handle State: Exclude any CM-Handles from queries/operations that are not in state 'READY'


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      As part of https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/CPS-799+Spike%3A+Define+states+and+state+handling+for+CM+handle CM-Handles will have a list of states

      ranging from:

      • Advised
      • Ready
      • Locked
      • Deleting

      As part of this story, only CM-Handles with a state of ready should be returned as part of query operation.


      Open Issues

      1. Should the states be shown as part of the response?
      2. Should last update time also be shown as part of response.
      3. Should this include the new api where cm handles are queried using public properties
      4. Is it just query operations affected by this, or are post/put/patch.delete too. I would assume they are.
      5. Status is currently an optional field. What is the default value if it isn't specified within registration of the cm-handle? (Might not be directly involved in this story)

      List of API's affected


      1. Document and agree definitive list of all NCMP interface(s) and their methods which are affected or not with team and stakeholder. 
      2. Agree what happens (including HTTP response code) when user tries to read/write cm-handle that is not ready?
        1. handle as 'not exist'
        2. inform user cm-handle is 'not ready'  (preferred option)  
      3. Demo using manual sql manipulate of cm-handle states


      1. CSIT test (depend on e2e completeness)
      2. State reporting (except for error handling)
      3. State changes

      Implementation Proposal

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