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[PMSH] Define filter enhancements for PMSH


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      In R6, PMSH microservice was introduced and allowed for filtering of subscriptions by "nfName". 


      In R7, as per [PA5|https://ericsson.sharepoint.com/:p:/r/sites/PNFStudy2/_layouts/15/doc2.aspx?sourcedoc=%7B1D988452-7BB5-427F-A0A0-1FA3FF7B7C6E%7D&file=PMcontrol_enhancments_PA5.pptx&action=edit&mobileredirect=true&cid=1731f948-7a8c-4e54-b8aa-d5b47ecb02a9] :

      1) Current PNF_name filter will change from mandatory to optional

      2) Added optional filter for Resource Name (model-name in AAI)

      3) Added optional filter for Invariant UUID (model-invariant-id in AAI)

      4) Added optional filter for UUID (model-version-id in AAI)

      5) Available filter combinations:

      • PNF_Name
      • PNF_Name + Invariant UUID
      • Invariant UUID
      • PNF_Name _ Invariant UUID + UUID
      • PNF_Name + UUID
      • Invariant UUID + UUID
      • UUID
      • PNF_Name + Resource Name
      • Resource Name


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